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2010 Tax Forms for 1040/1040A/1040EZ

Here you will find most of the 2010 tax forms related to 1040 tax filing.

Note: In 2009 the government began using the version of the tax forms that allow you to enter data directly into the PDF file itself! I tested these using version 8 of the Adobe PDF Reader.

Files are in PDF format 

2010 Tax Forms 1040 / 1040A / 1040EZ

Note: See the instructions for each 1040 form for full details. Taxes can be complicated, especially the greater your income. It is always wise, when in doubt, see a qualified tax person.

1040EZ (2010)

1040EZ Instructions (2010)   1040EZ form (2010)

1040 (2010)

1040 Instructions (2009)   1040 Form (2010)

1040-C US Departing Alien (2009)

1040-C Instructions (2009)   1040-C Form (2009)

Schedules (2010)

note many forms still for 2009

Schedule A - Itemized Deduction (2009)s

Schedule A Instructions (2009)   Schedule A Form

Schedule B - Interest and Ordinary Dividends (2010)

Schedule B Form (2010)

Schedule C - Net Profit From Business (2010)

Schedule C Instructions (2009)   Schedule C Form (2010)    Schedule C Form (EZ) (2010)

Schedule D - Capital Gains and Losses (2009)

Schedule D Instructions (2009)   Schedule D Form (2009)  

Schedule EIC - Earned Income Credit (2010)

EIC Form (2010)

Schedule E - Supplemental Income and Loss (2009)

Schedule E Instructions (2009)   Schedule E Form (2009)

Schedule F - Profit or Loss From Farming (2009)

Schedule F Instructions (2009)   Schedule F Form (2009)

Schedule L - Standard Deduction for Certain Filers (2009)

Schedule L Form (2009)

Schedule M - Making Work Pay and Government Retiree Credits

Schedule M Instructions   Schedule M Form

Schedule R - Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled (2010)

Schedule R Instructions (2010)   Schedule R Form (2010)

Schedule SE - Self-Employment Tax (2009)

Schedule SE Instructions (2009)   Schedule SE Form (2009)

Other Forms (2009)

Amended U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

Instructions (2009)   Form (2010)

Estimated Tax for Individuals

Estimated Tax For Individuals (2010)

U.S. Estimated Tax for Nonresident Alien Individuals (2010)