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2007 Tax Forms

The following are tax forms forms and instructions for your convenience. These represent only a subset of all of the available tax forms. For a complete list of forms go to the IRS website. If you own your own home it is very likely that you can use schedule A "Itemized Deductions". In this is the case you will need to use tax form 1040. You should see a qualified tax accountant or service as in many cases they can help to maximize your return, and/or ensure that you filing your return correctly.

2007 Tax Tables

2007 Tax Forms

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Refer to the instructions for eligibility.

Click for 1040EZ Instructions

Click for 1040EZ Form



You may be able to use Form 1040A if...

Click for 1040A Instructions

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If you cannot use either a 1040EZ or 1040A, you probably need to use Form 1040. You must file form 1040 if...

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1040-C US Departing Alien Income Tax Return

Click for 1040-C Instructions

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Schedule A & B  -  Itemized Deductions & Interest and Dividend Income.    Instructions      Form

Schedule C  -  Profit or Loss From Business   Instructions      Form

Schedule D  -  Capital Gains and Losses   Instructions      Form       Continuation Sheet

Schedule E  -  Supplemental Income and Loss   Instructions      Form

Schedule EIC  -  Earned Income Credit   Form

Schedule SE  -  Self-Employment Tax    Instructions      Form 

Schedule F - Profit or Loss From Farming    Instructions      Form

Schedule C-EZ - Net Profit From Business    Form 

Schedule 1 - Interest and Ordinary Dividends for 1040A    Form

Schedule 3 - Credit for Edlerly or Disabled for 1040A    Instructions      Form