Every Dollar Matters

Investment Research

Investing your money is going to require some research on your part. There are thousands of funds and stocks out there to research. Online brokerages like Ameritrade will come equipped with research tools. There are also a number of sites out there that offer great information and research tools to help you with your investments.


The yahoo stock screener is a great place to begin your research. It allows you to set specific parameters to locate stocks across a number of criteria.

The Nasdaq web site provides news and information for stocks and funds and general market activity. It also allows you to get stock quotes (delayed).

A fabulous site for customizable stock charts is BigCharts.com.


Mutual Funds

The Mutual Fund Investors Center is a great place to get started with more information about mutual funds. It allows you to perform customized queries to find the right fund.


General investment information

Reuters is also a great investment resource site. So is Bloombergs! And, you might also want to check out Market Watch which is a killer site. I have chosen these three sites. Check them all out and find the one that best meets your needs and use that as your main site for investment information.